QuickEventPlanner.com Time Lines for Your Event

These task list reminders from QuickEventPlanner.com are designed to keep you on time and on track for a successful event. Based on your type of event, not all tasks may apply to your event but we hope you will find the majority of them helpful.

Reminders from QuickEventPlanner.com - 360 Days Before Your Event
  • Determine the Reason for Your Event and the Objectives: For Example, Set a Fundraising Goal
  • Determine the primary event contacts
  • Finalize Your Event Date
  • Select Your Location – Consider Visiting Several Sites
  • Set up Your Event Website on QuickEventPlanner.com so Potential Attendees and Sponsors Can Save the Date
  • Check Community Calendar for Any Competing Events
  • Begin to Determine Potential Committee Members Prepare a preliminary agenda and guest list
  • Establish planning and promotional action plans

 Reminders from QuickEventPlanner.com - 330 Days Before Your Event

  • Finalize Your Site including written Agreement
  • Determine Event Fees
  • Set up Revenue and Expense Budget
  • Set up Committees Using QuickEventPlanner.com Committee Management Tool
  • Create Sponsorship Levels (See Sample Sponsorships in QuickEventPlanner.com)
  • Finalize Event Branding or Theme including Logo
  • Gather Photos from Prior Year Event and/or Your Organization to Upload on Your QuickEventPlanner.com website
  • Determine Committee Meeting Dates Leading Up to Your Event
  • Contact Potential Committee Members for Your Event
  • Book Speaker, if applicable
  • Reserve Hotel Room, if needed for your event
  • Determine if You Need Insurance Coverage for Your Event
  • Build your e-mail lists to be uploaded to QuickEventPlanner.com



 Reminders from QuickEventPlanner.com - 270 Days Before Your Event

  • Send out "Save the Date" to Attendees, Sponsors, Volunteers using QuickEventPlanner.com e-mail tools
  • Identify Committees for Your Event. Set up Committees in the Committee Manager Section of QuickEventPlanner.com
  • Solicit Committee Members
  • Review Revenue Projections and Expenses vs. Budget
  • Determine Committee Meeting Dates and Locations
  • Review any Insurance
  • Prepare Event Press Kit
  • Update Sponsorship Sales Status vs. Goal

Reminders from QuickEventPlanner.com - 240 Days Before Your Event

  • Develop Agendas for Committee Meetings
  • Hold Scheduled Committee Meeting
  • 1st Round Phone of Calls to Sponsors – Begin
  • Send out Press Releases
  • Arrange Media Sponsorship in Exchange for Newspaper Ads to Promote Your Event

Reminders from QuickEventPlanner.com - 210 Days Before Your Event

  • Develop Agendas for Committee Meetings
  • Hold Scheduled Committee Meetings
  • Year to Date Budget Review
  • 2nd Round Phone of Calls to Sponsors
  • Begin to Solicit Items for Auction and Raffle
  • Open Website for registration - support with e-mail from QuickEventPlanner.com e-mail marketing section


  Reminders from QuickEventPlanner.com - 180 Days Before Your Event

  • Develop Agendas for Committee Meetings
  • Hold Scheduled Committee Meetings
  • Review Expense and Revenue Projections vs. Objectives
  • Develop Press Release and Media List for PR
  • Contract a Photographer or Find a Volunteer to Take Photos
  • Continue to Solicit Auction and Raffle Items
  • Update Sponsorships Sold vs. Goal
  • Update Attendee Status vs. Goal
  • Set up Event Page on Facebook and add link to your event website using Facebook tool on QuickEventPlanner.com
  • Set up Twitter account and add link to you event website using Twitter tool on QuickEventPlanner.com


 Reminders from QuickEventPlanner.com - 150 Days Before Your Event

  • Develop Agendas for Committee Meetings
  • Hold Scheduled Committee Meetings
  • Year to Date Budget Review
  • Send Solicitation letters/invites to celebrities & dignitaries
  • Order Photography Plaques (or when Sponsor confirms)
  • Solicit Donation of Sponsor/Players Gifts or Establish Gift Budget
  • Invoice Sponsors Year to Date
  • Send confirmation letter
  • Gather sponsor logos for website, signs and banners
  • Determine Food and Beverage Requirements
  • Solicit Auction and Raffle Item using QuickEventPlanner.com e-mail tools

  Reminders from QuickEventPlanner.com - 120 Days Before Your Event

  • Develop Agendas for Committee Meetings
  • Hold Scheduled Committee Meetings
  • Committee Meeting at Golf Course
  • Finalize Details with Event Venue
  • Year to Date Budget Review
  • Outline Event Cancellation Policy – Reschedule or Refunds
  • Layout Event Program for Sponsors to Display Advertisements
  • Order Arrival Gifts
  • Order Sponsor Gifts 
  • Invoice Sponsors Year to Date
  • Send confirmation letters
  • Gather sponsor logos
  • Update Sponsor Logos on QuickEventPlanner.com website

  Reminders from QuickEventPlanner.com - 90 Days Before Your Event

  • Develop Agendas for Committee Meetings
  • Hold Scheduled Committee Meetings
  • Year to Date Budget Review
  • Finalize Event Program - Confirm Sponsor Ads
  • Finalize Thank You cards
  • Invoice Sponsors Year to Date
  • Send confirmation letters
  • Gather sponsor logos
  • Hold sponsor luncheon to generate more sponsorships and players

   Reminders from QuickEventPlanner.com - 60 Days Before Your Event

  • Develop Agendas for Committee Meetings
  • Hold Sponsor Luncheon with Potential Sponsors Invited
  • Hold Scheduled Committee Meetings
  • Year to Date Budget Review
  • Update Volunteer Assignments using QuickEventPlanner.com volunteer management tool
  • Order Signage for Your Event
  • Confirm Photographer
  • Send Twitter and Facebook Updates
  • Order Awards, if applicable
  • Confirm Celebrity Emcees
  • Schedule Phone Blitz to Sell Sponsorships and Increase Attendance


 Reminders from QuickEventPlanner.com - 30 Days Before Your Event

  • Visit Event Venue to Review Final Details
  • Hold Scheduled Committee Meetings
  • Finalize Event Program and Event Day Printed Materials
  • Confirm Arrival Gift delivery
  • Confirm Sponsor Gift delivery
  • Finalize Event Logistics – parting ,staff and volunteer communications
  • Finalize Award program (script) and send to emcee
  • Develop Agendas for Committee Meetings
  • Send out event reminder with dates, directions to everyone
  • Committee Meeting
  • Year to Date Budget Review
  • Review all print materials
  • Review all gifts/prizes
  • Design player information sheets
  • Finalize pairings/player roster
  • Design / print bid sheets

Reminders from QuickEventPlanner.com - 7 Days Before Your Event Day

  • Send out e-mail reminder to attendees using QuickEventPlanner.com
  • Provide Final Headcount for Food and Beverage
  • Prepare Name Badge and Registration Lists
  • Confirm Delivery of all awards, prizes, signs and other key event materials

Reminders from QuickEventPlanner.com - 1 Day Before Your Event

  • Update Name Badges and Registration Lists
  • Send E-mail Reminder to All Staff and Volunteer using QuickEventPlanner.com e-mail tools
  • Send reminder to all attendees using QuickEventPlanner.com e-mail tools
  • Review Volunteer Assignment and Registration Procedures
  • Print Payment Status Reports from QuickEventPlanner.com for any outstanding invoices to be collected at registration

Reminders from QuickEventPlanner.com - Event Day

  • Set up Welcome Banner and Directional Signs
  • Hold Volunteer Meeting
  • Set up Registration, Auction and Raffle ticket sale area
  • Meet with employees to go over event agenda
  • Set up all signage
  • Set-up arrival gift area
  • Set-up silent auction area with items & bid sheets
  • Assign Photographer Location
  • Raffle volunteers
  • Set-up awards table and prizes
  • Assist with awards ceremony
  • Silent Auction Close Out

Task List - After Your Event

  • Review all costs and open invoices
  • Summarize Financial Results
  • Finalize any auction item collections/deliveries
  • Select dates and location for next year  
  • Schedule final Committee Meeting - Debriefing and Financial Results
  • Deliver Sponsor Thank You Gifts
  • Send E-mail Thank You and Survey to Players and Volunteers
  • Ask Attendees and Sponsors for Testimonials
  • Send Thank You Notes to Event Staff
  • Copy your event on QuickEventPlanner.com. You can copy your event with one-click.
  • Send a ‘Save the Date’ e-mail from QuickEventPlanner.com so everyone knows the date for the following year.