About Quick Event Planner

Quick Event Planner, developed by J. Ryder Group, is a complete online event planning tool for event organizers, non-profit organizations, associations, corporations, schools, alumni groups, fundraising golf events or any event requiring online registration, a custom event website and powerful tools to promote and plan an event.

The Planner is designed to help someone who is new to event planning set up an event quickly and easily or for experienced organizers who need the powerful capabilities of Quick Event Planner.

You can use Quick Event Planner to set up an event website in minutes, complete with online attendee and sponsor registration. Quick Event Planner has tools to market and manage your event including a powerful e-mail marketing platform with more than 20 event-tested e-mail templates.

Thousands of events use Quick Event Planner to have a more successful event and to save 200-400 hours of planning time.

About the J. Ryder Group

J. Ryder Group has been actively involved in event planning since 1998. In addition, the firm has managed or provided services to more than 10,000 golf tournaments using our planning tool so that they may have a more successful event. 

J. Ryder Group was the executive director for the Arnold Palmer Turning Point Invitational, which celebrated Arnold Palmer’s 50th Anniversary of his U.S. Amateur Championship. The Arnold Palmer Turning Point Invitational raised $6.3 million in its inaugural year. “This is the most incredible event I have ever been involved with in more than 60 years of golf, and I have been involved in a lot of them over the years,” Palmer said.

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Quick Event Planner Customer Care Policies ensure that your custom Quick Event Planner website works properly so you can focus on planning and promoting a great event.  We’re constantly introducing new features and services to make your events extraordinary. If you’ve had an encounter that is great, less than great, or otherwise noteworthy, please let us know.

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