Over 97% of event attendees and supporting sponsors said they prefer to register online for an event. Take advantage of this statistic by setting up a custom Quick Event Planner website today - make it easy for people to register online! Plus our built in marketing tools will help you promote your event while saving money. 

A Great Event is a Full Event!

The Quick Event Planner can help maximize your turnout for a more successful event:

  • The key to a successful event is attracting attendees. The Quick Event Planner has powerful, event-tested marketing tools to help you succeed.
  • If your event is a fundraiser, you know the importance of a full house.
  • Tap the power of online marketing with our e-mail templates. They're already customized for your event and ready to send.
  • Set up automatic links to Twitter, YouTube or Facebook and use the power of social networking to fill your event.
  • If you plan on having event sponsors, our website templates allow you to upload their logos quickly and easily for added recognition and exposure.
  • Sign up for our free webinars on how to attract attendees and sponsors. The link to our webinars are on the home page.