Setting up your event is quick and easy. Just click on the "Start Planning Your Event" link on the home page. As you enter information about your event, you will be building your website. Don't worry if you don't have all your information yet, you can make changes later.

During the Quick Event Planner setup you will...

  • Set up your event with event type, dates, location, times, and cost (if you are charging for the event).  You will be able to edit the information at any time after you set up your event so don't worry if you don't have all your details ready.
  • Enter details of your event location which will automatically create a link to Google maps with directions so everyone can find your event.
  • Instantly set up your custom event website (choose from more than 25 templates) with on-line registration for attendees and sponsors (if you plan to have sponsors). You will be able to accept credit cards on-line immediately.
  • Identify sponsorship opportunities and learn the most popular types for a successful fundraising event or for promoting a corporate brand.
  • Preview your website copy as we will be building your first draft based on information you enter during the set up process. You will be able to add/edit copy anytime before your event.
  • Enter event contact information for attendees or sponsors who have questions.
  • Set up is complete in 5-10 minutes and you will be able to preview your event website immediately!